MedicalMarks Recognizes 2020 Utah's Best Doctors for Patient Experience Excellence

SALT LAKE CITY UT, November 13, 2019 ― MedicalMarks recognizes and honors the below listed individual doctors as 2020 Utah’s Best Doctors for Patient Experience Excellence. MedicalMarks, a healthcare research and consulting firm, aggregated and analyzed publicly available review data to determine which physicians not only provide great quality of care, but also demonstrate to their patients they care about them. Doctors and their staffs who provide an excellent patient experience are skilled in the following attributes: competence, empathy, caring, respect, trust, and sincerity.

“Utah’s Best Doctors and their staff make significant consistent efforts to show their patients not only that they understand what treatments they need, but also feel that they care about them as people. These are physicians whom I would trust my family, friends, and myself with medical care,” said John Salcedo, CEO of MedicalMarks. “When patients feel like they are heard rather than hurried, they have confidence that their physician truly wants what is best for them.”

Utah’s Best Doctors are also MedicalMarks Certified in Patient Experience Excellence™ physicians.


Dr. Jan Bernhisel-Broadbent MD, Granger Medical Clinic, Salt Lake

Dr. Jonathan A Olsen DO, Granger Medical Clinic, Salt Lake


Dr. Jamison Jones MD, Heart of Dixie, Washington

Dr. Scott Hacking MD, Heart Center of Utah, Salt Lake


Dr. Andrew Bliss DDS  Bliss Dental, Salt Lake

Dr. Adrian G Huang DMD nineth east dental, Utah

Dr. B Kent Bladen DDS, Dr. Kent Bladen Family Dentistry, Salt Lake

Dr. Chris Hammond DMD, Hammond Aesthetic & General Dentistry, Utah

Dr. Jeffrey Buxton DMD, Buxton Dentistry, Salt Lake

Dr. Jeffrey Wegener DMD, Aspen Dental of Cache Valley, Cache

Dr. John Christensen DDS, John J Christensen DDS, Davis

Dr. Jordan Davis DDS, Arete Smile Design Center, Davis

Dr. Monte L Carlson DDS, Hyde Park Dental, Cache

Dr. Preston Huang DDS, nineth east dental, Utah

Dr. Richard Jenson DDS, Jenson Dental, Box Elder

Dr. William Sergakis DDS, Cottonwood Heights Dental, Salt Lake


Dr. Chad W Tingey MD, Ogden Clinic, Weber

Dr. Lori Ramirez MD, Ogden Clinic, Weber

Dr. Michael L Hadley MD, Ogden Clinic, Davis

Ear, Nose, and Throat

Dr. Curt R Stock MD, Mountain West ENT and Allergy, Davis

Dr. Kevin F Wilson MD, ENT Specialists, Salt Lake

Family Medicine

Dr. Daniel Broadbent MD, Ogden Clinic – Farmington, Davis

Dr. Christopher Davis DO, Davis Family Physicians Ogden Clinic, Davis

Dr. Grace O’Brien DO, Ogden Clinic – Skyline , Weber

Dr. Kelly Amann DO, Grand View Ogden Clinic, Weber

Dr. Roark Neville MD, Davis Family Physicians Ogden Clinic , Davis

Dr. Rohn Rigby MD, Ogden Clinic – Bountiful, Davis

Dr. Steven Embley DO, Eagle Mountain Family Medicine, Utah


Dr. David R Moore MD, Utah Gastroenterology, Davis

Dr. Edward J Frech MD, Utah Gastroenterology, Salt Lake

Dr. Holly B Clark MD, Park City Specialty Clinic, Summit

Dr. James M Stewart MD, Granite Peaks Gastroenterology  , Utah

General Surgery

Dr. Darrin Hansen MD, Utah Lap Band, Salt Lake

Dr. Ian R Cavin DO, Granger Medical Clinic, Salt Lake

Dr. Kyle Dunning MD, Ogden Clinic, Weber

Dr. Lance R Bryce MD , Brigham City Community Hospital, Box Elder

Dr. Mark J Ott MD, Intermountain Trauma & General Surgery, Salt Lake

Internal Medicine

Dr. Grace Paradela MD, Dixie Primary Care, Washington

Dr. Kathleen DeRemer MD, Ogden Internal Medicine and Urology, Weber

Dr. Robert Mohr MD, MountainStar Primary Care, Weber


Dr. Andrew P Thomas MD, Legacy OB/GYN Clinic, Utah

Dr. Frances Bechek MD, South Valley Women’s Health Care, Salt Lake

Dr. Jarin Leavitt MD, Tanner Clinic, Davis

Dr. Jason Johnson MD, St Mark’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates, Salt Lake

Dr. Layne Smith MD, Granger Medical Clinic, Salt Lake

Dr. Sean Edmunds MD, St Mark’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates, Salt Lake

Dr. Spencer Barney MD, Old Farm Obstetrics & Gynecology, Salt Lake

Dr. Steven Thackeray MD, Cottonwood OBGYN, Salt Lake


Dr. Aaron Waite MD, Waite Vision, Utah

Dr. Jared Peterson MD, Mountain View Eye Center, Davis

Dr. Phillip C Hoopes Jr MD, Hoopes Vision, Salt Lake

Dr. Thomas D Myers MD, Riverwoods Eye Center, Utah

Dr. Trent Richards MD, Tanner Clinic, Davis 


Dr. Andrew T Smith OD, The Eye Clinic and Contact Lens Center, Utah

Dr. David Esplin OD, Esplin Eye Center, Utah

Dr. Jess Mendenhall OD, Precision Vision, Utah

Dr. Joseph Fife OD, Paradise Canyon Eye Care, Washington

Dr. Lincoln Dygert OD, Ogden Vision Center, Weber

Dr. Scott Peterson OD, Family Vision Care, Weber

Dr. Todd J Lewis OD, The Eye Clinic and Contact Lens Center, Utah

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Adam McCormick DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah, Weber

Dr. Creed S Haymond DDS, Creed S. Haymond DDS PC, Salt Lake

Dr. Kyle S Christensen MD, Wasatch Oral Surgery, Salt Lake

Dr. Scott D Urban MD DM, Utah Facial Surgical Arts, Salt Lake

Dr. Shawn Davis DMD, Oral & Facial Surgery Institute, Washington

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Aaron O’Brien MD, Aaron O’Brien MD Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Washington

Dr. Clint Wooten MD, Mountain Orthopaedics, Davis

Dr. James Meadows MD, Alta View Sports Medicine, Salt Lake

Dr. Jared Tyson MD, Mountain Orthopaedics, Davis

Dr. Jeffrey Jackson MD, Salt Lake Orthopaedic Clinic, Salt Lake

Dr. Mark Daniel Hatch MD, Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic, Summit

Dr. Kristen L Carroll MD, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Utah

Dr. Patrick Olson MD, Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic, Summit

Dr. William Pidwell MD, Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic, Summit


Dr. Blake Cameron DDS, Aspen Dental of Cache Valley, Cache

Dr. Brian Holman DDS, Holman Orthodontics, Salt Lake

Dr. Craig Coombs DDS, Coombs Orthodontics, Davis

Dr. Jamey Watson DDS, Watson Orthodontics, Salt Lake

Dr. Lance Albrechtsen DMD, Albrechtsen Orthodontics, Weber

Dr. Tad Johnson DDS, Johnson Orthodontics, Weber

Dr. Tony Skanchy DDS, Alta View Orthodontics, Salt Lake


Dr. Alissa Packer MD, Wasatch Pediatrics, Salt Lake

Dr. Kenneth Zollo MD, Pediatric Care, Utah

Dr. Peter Lindgren MD, Memorial Clinic, Salt Lake

Dr. Peter Moskowitz MD, ABC Pediatrics, Salt Lake

Dr. Ryan Donnelly MD, Wasatch Pediatrics, Salt Lake

Dr. Tanya Jackson MD, Intermountain Alta View Clinic Pediatrics, Salt Lake

Dr. Weston Spencer MD, Alpine Pediatrics, Utah

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Angela Keen MD, Angela Keen MD Plastic Surgery & Skin Care, Salt Lake

Dr. Bhupendra Patel MD, Patel Plastic Surgery, Salt Lake

Dr. Douglas Henstrom MD, Utah Facial Plastics, Salt Lake

Dr. Mark H Jensen MD, Mark H. Jensen M.D., Utah

Dr. Michael Marion MD, Marion Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, Utah

Dr. Richard Fryer MD, Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah, Salt Lake

Dr. Scott Thompson MD, Utah Facial Plastics, Salt Lake

Dr. Scott Urban MD, Utah Facial Surgical Arts, Salt Lake

Dr. Steven Constantine DO, Constantine Cosmetic Surgery, Salt Lake

Dr. York Yates MD, Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery, Davis


Dr. Bradford Stevenson MD, Ogden Clinic – Professional Center South, Weber

Dr. Lane Childs MD, Summit Urology Group, Salt Lake

Dr. Sean J Henderson DO, Summit Urology Group, Utah


Dr. Clark Larsen DPM, Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle, Salt Lake

Dr. Daniel Patty DPM, Foot & Ankle Clinics of Utah, Utah

Dr. Jared Clegg DPM, Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, Utah

Dr. Jared Clegg DPM, Randy Garr, DPM, Utah

Dr. Levi J Berry DPM, Canyon Foot and Ankle, Utah

Dr. Mikol Anderson DPM, Anderson Foot and Ankle, Salt Lake

Clinics & Healthcare Systems

Granger Medical Clinic – Seven (7) Honorees

Dr. Jan Bernhisel-Broadbent MD – Allergy

Dr. Jonathan A Olsen DO – Allergy

Dr. Ian R Cavin DO – General Surgery

Dr. Layne Smith MD – OB/GYN

Dr. James Meadows MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Lane Childs MD – Urology

Dr. Sean J Henderson DO – Urology


Intermountain Healthcare – Eight (8) Honorees

Dr. Holly B Clark MD – Gastroenterology

Dr. Darrin Hansen MD – General Surgery

Dr. Mark J Ott MD – General Surgery

Dr. Kathleen DeRemer MD – Internal Medicine

Dr. Andrew P Thomas MD – OB/GYN

Dr. Frances Bechek MD – OB/GYN

Dr. Thomas D Myers MD – Ophthalmology

Dr. Tanya Jackson MD – Pediatrics


MountainStar – Five (5) Honorees

Dr. Scott Hacking MD – Cardiology

Dr. Lance R Bryce MD – General Surgery

Dr. Robert Mohr MD – Internal Medicine

Dr. Jason Johnson MD – OB/GYN

Dr. Sean Edmunds MD – OB/GYN


Ogden Clinic – 12 Honorees

Dr. Chad W Tingey MD – Dermatology

Dr. Lori Ramirez MD – Dermatology

Dr. Michael L Hadley MD – Dermatology

Dr. Curt R Stock MD – Ear, Nose, and Throat

Dr. Christopher Davis DO – Family Medicine

Dr. Daniel Broadbent MD – Family Medicine

Dr. Kelly Amann DO – Family Medicine

Dr. Kyle Dunning MD – General Surgery

Dr. Grace O’Brien DO – Family Medicine

Dr. Roark Neville MD – Family Medicine

Dr. Rohn Rigby MD – Family Medicine

Dr. Bradford Stevenson MD – Urology


Tanner Clinic – Two (2) Honorees

Dr. Jarin Leavitt MD – OB/GYN

Dr. Trent Richards MD – Ophthalmology


Revere Health – Two (2) Honorees

Dr. Jamison Jones MD – Cardiology

Dr. Steven Embley DO – Family Medicine

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